Ruffneck Pillow Case (Sold Out)


The first ever Ruffneck pillow case!

I made a super. rare special item to see how it looked like in reality and I immediately fell in love so I just HAD to share it with my followers as it just looks to darn awesome to only have it for myself.

So here it is, a DOUBLE-SIDED Ruffneck pillow case made for pillows of 50 X 50 cm.

Drop it on your couch or in the car and choose which side you like for the occasion as I put the Ruffneck Alliance Logo on one side and added the simple black and white ruffneck face logo on the other so you do not have to choose when ordering. Y
ou get them both on 1 pillow case 😛


* This is only the pillow case. You need to stuff it with your own stuffing or a standard 50 x 50 cm inner pillow.

Ikea , and jisk sell these for around 2-3 euro


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