Ruffneck Laptop Backpack (One time only limited edition – NO re-orders when sold out!)


Awesome Ruffneck Records backpack with HUGE rubber patch on the top and an embroider Ruffneck face logo on the lower front pouch.

Also on the side, there are two connections. One for a standard USB cable so you can charge stuff on the go if you have a power bank placed on the inside of the bag.
there is ALSO  a standard headphone connection to listen to music while your device is safely inside the bag might you have a need for this 🙂

In the picture, you can see my backpack and in there I am carrying a 16 INCH MacBook pro in case you may wonder how big of a laptop fits the bag.

There are also 4 smaller pockets on the inside (I have my external SSD and hard drives in them, plus a BIG space for other stuff
(In the picture I have big headphones and a microphone case in it. And there is still a lot of space left btw.

Enough space for a lot of things and the bag is really comfortable and sleek looking. 😛

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Weight 285 g